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A coastal forest area

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It represents one of the last coastal forest areas between Mandelieu-la-Napoule and Antibes, which justified, at the request of the municipality, the establishment of a departmental pre-emptive perimeter, under sensitive natural areas, right delegated to the Coastal Conservatory.

The natural park is located on a conglomerate of limestone and gypsum. Eucalyptus and mimosa dominate the vegetation of the maquis.The atmosphere is more or less humid depending on the proximity of the valleys, the main one being colonized by bamboo which has developed to the detriment of the local vegetation. The horticultural activity was abandoned in the seventies, thus, the holm oak and the cork oak grow here and there among exotic plants.

The forest environment is home to a small, discreet but heritage fauna. Foxes, badgers, bats and squirrels frequent the undergrowth, while the Mauritanian tarente and the wall lizard take advantage of the rocky areas to hunt. The forest cover is suitable for passerines, such as the common chaffinch and the nightingale. It happens to hear the hammering of the green woodpecker on the eucalyptus trees, or to surprise the heron which, after its fishing in the Lérins islands, comes to sleep high perched in the trees.

The beaches

The bay of Golfe-Juan, nestled between Cap d'Antibes and the Lérins Islands is very sheltered from the winds; the whole range of nautical and seaside activities is possible:sea trips, lazing on the sandy beaches, yachting and many sporting activities.
Private beaches:


Thirty dive sites are spread over four sectors: Cap d'Antibes, Lérins Islands, Golfe-Juan and Cannes bays. The exploration is very varied: drop offs, dry, isolated rocks, rich in gorgonian or red coral

From beginner to experienced diver, there is something for everyone, especially as the sites are accessible in 10 to 45 minutes of navigation.

Golfe-Juan diving clubs offer initiation dives "" baptisms "", exploration dives or thematic dives (at night, marine biology, etc.). Internships are provided. Supervision is provided by state-certified, very strict safety monitors who communicate their passion and their excellent knowledge of the underwater environment.

Diamond diving, PADI center

  • Old port - opposite the harbor master's office
  • Open from April to November
  • Phone 06 15 30 52 23

Subvision Diving


The practice of the jet ski is accessible to all, from 16 years old, with or without a boat license.

Golfe Jet Company
Parking du Vieux Port - Tel. 06 63 99 07 12
open from May to September

Sea trips

A crossing to an exceptional site, the Ile Sainte Marguerite, a mini cruise with a stopover in Monaco, sailing trips with skipper or motor boat ...

Riviera Lines
Phone. 06 27 96 66 81 - 04 93 63 86 76
Boarding from quai Saint-Pierre, Old Port of Golfe-Juan
Discovery of Île Ste Marguerite - Open from April to October
Return fare: adults € 19, children € 13 (4/10 years)
Excursions to Monaco, Saint-Tropez and the Corniche d'Or by reservation

Day at Sea
Phone. 09 54 840 740/06 26 20 51 41
Discover navigation on sailboats with skipper, which can accommodate 8 to 15 passengers: relaxing days, mornings handline fishing, sunset mini-cruise, fireworks, events at sea, charter on yacht, sailboat.

Sea Yachting
Port Camille Rayon
Phone. 04 93 61 84 40/06 15 11 81 65
Embark on one of our motor boats and enjoy a tailor-made day. Idleness, diving, water sports, fireworks ...

The sea within reach of sails
Old Port of Golfe-Juan
Phone. 06 44 70 20 56
Sea trips with initiation to sailing. Events to celebrate with meals served on board. Fireworks, barbecues at sea, company outings, photo shoots.

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